Pioneering Green Dry-Construction in South Asia


At Ramco Industries we are steadfast in our commitment to developing innovative Green building materials.

The concept of going Green incorporates and integrates a variety of strategies during the design, construction and operation of such building projects. The use of Green high performance building materials is one important imperative in the design of such buildings. Dry Construction greatly enhances speed of execution of projects and ensures reduced water use at site among a plethora of other advantages.

Green Dry Construction building materials offer specific benefits to the Architect, the Builder and the Occupants of a building

Potential Benefits of Dry Construction

  • Flexibility - Dry constructions have many aspects that are easy to handle and do not cause any hindrance during a renovation. Acoustic ceilings, drywalls, etc., are a couple of examples. Transporting them is also a simpler task in comparison to materials required fr wet construction.
  • Eco-friendly - A lot of materials used in dry construction is either recyclable or reusable, making it the best choice for going eco-friendly and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Smart Construction - Dry construction takes lesser time when compared to wet construction. They are easy to transport and is a time saver.
  • Maintenance - The choice of materials in dry construction tops in quality and design that makes it very useful. Dry construction is aimed at reducing the renovation costs and repair costs as the design tends to last longer.
  • Energy Conservation - Dry construction materials are manufactured with a combination of many components that help in energy saving. Most materials are either recycled or reused.

Dry construction eliminates the drawback of having moisture attack on the walls. They are good insulators and are easy to handle and renovate. It is time-saving, cost-effective and flexible. Dry construction also offers excellent resistance to fire.

Using Green building materials and products promotes conservation of
the dwindling non-renewable resources in our planet and in keeping our environment safe.

Our range of products in addition to being Green offer superior physical properties that help create robust structures that withstand the test of
time and elements

Future of Dry Construction

Wet construction has been in place since time immemorial; However, with improvement in technology and the science behind inventing new methods of construction, dry construction is growing fast. The future of dry construction is very promising due to the flexibility that it offers and the time required in this method.